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Took my son, his friend and my niece and we sat in the “Royal Box” it was fantastic. We laughed our socks off. Especially when Pinocchio’s friend ended up beside us when he was shot from the cannon! My son says that’s the only seat he’s sitting in next time!
Angela Cunningham
Was fantastic my daughter and two granddaughters had a fantastic time.xx Can’t wait till next year.
Great panto once again. The fantastic Liam dolan stole the show so funny.
Josephine Coyle
Fabulous pantomime as usual. Laughed and laughed, great show! Looking forward to this year's pantomime!
Ella Aitken
Another fantastic production Well done to all involved. Can’t wait till November Until The Next One
This was a fantastic panto the 12 days of Christmas was really funny Stephen Liam and Grado had the whole theatre in stiches every one on stage pulled off another great panto looking forward to seeing the new production.
Martin Waters
Liam Dolan totally stole the show what a performer. Whole cast was amazing wee bogus ( Stephen & Scott )Grado all work great on & off screen. 5 star performance looking forward to next hopefully the same cast
Donna Mcvey
Saw the show on Tuesday, I really enjoyed it, but didn’t quite reach the mark Cinderella did last year, but it was still a very enjoyable evening, was crying with laughter during 12 Days Of Christmas Sequence, cannot wait to see what next years choice is :)
Thomas Lawrence
one of the best I have seen, everything about was fab
Elizabeth McDonald
went to the panto today have to say one of the best in years everything about it was fab well worth seeing
Elizabeth McDonald
Took the kids to the panto and they absolutely loved it. Haven’t been to a panto for years and the cast certainly did not disappoint us. So much so the kids have asked to go back again they liked it that much. Well done guys you were brilliant
Nichola Bridge
Saw show last night. Hilariously funny. Best Panto ever. Please bring same crowd back for this year
Great show laughed all night another great panto and fab cast
Helen Waddell
Great night at the Panto yet again. This was our second visit to see Pinocchio becoming a habit coming twice. Can't wait to see what this years will be.
Evelyn Stenson
Great day at The Pavilion. Loved the panto, Liam Dolan, Stephen Purdon and Scott Fletcher were all fantastic. Thanks for the laughs enjoyed every minute
Louise Kincaid
What a great show! Atmosphere was great and lots of laughs from all ages!
Theresa Ann Ferguson
Another fantastic panto at the pavilion tonight best panto ever favourites where Pinocchio, geppetto , blue fairy and lampwick can't wait too find out what the next panto is.
Robert low
Great show , great performances from all..
John Purdie
What a show I loved it so much it was hilarious I am on my way to go and see it again on Thursday. Can't wait
Alisa Crowe
Hadn’t been to a pavilion panto in a number of years mainly because of nicola park starring on the show. No offence to her but she really wasn’t my families cup of tea so we decided to go elsewhere for the last few years, which weren’t the best either, we stayed at home last year and put our family tradition on hold. However last night we decided to have a fu day out in town then went along to the night time Pinnochio performance. Wow, we were ALL blown away, even the kids. We laughed from start to finish. Stephen Purdon was great as always and it was great to see him alongside Angus, it really made it special. This was our first time seeing Grado perform and thought he was absolutely hilarious, the connection he had with the crowd was priceless, but I do think Liam Dolan stole the show with his comedy routine even if a few in our party couldn’t keep up with the pace of the jokes!! The dancers were tremendous and the person playing Stromboli was a funny and great BADDY. Overall it’s a wonderful show would recommend to any family before week..just hoping it’s a similar cast next year! And the 8 (if we are all still living ha ha) will be there 5 stars!!!!!
Stephen Richie
I am sooooo excited that Santa brought me tickets for this show. xxx
fiona Scruton
10 of us, four generations of family aged 6 to 80yrs went to the show today. We all loved it. The cast were superb. The ad libs/mistakes made the show particularly scottish. The dancers were great. Specially the two young men. Athletic and creative. I was engaged by a young couple in front of me who had brought their tiny daughter, maybe 8 months old. She was bouncing to the music and smiling the whole show. Great job folks.
Gail Robinson
Best pantomime ever
Mary Ann Finlay
Liam Dolan was brilliant and grado was better this year than he was last year, overall the show was great, blue fairy stand in did exceptionally well, best wishes to holly jack
Show was fantastic as usual cast is brilliant kids loved it would defo be back grado is the best x
Tracey Mcdermott
Just arrived home from yet another fantastic pantomime at the pavilion, we've been going on 2nd January for years and one show is better than another, tonight's show has been my absolute favourite by far, everyone involved made the show absolutely fantastic, as usual Stephen purdon was brilliant but i must say Scott Fletcher was my favourite ,when he opened the show singing and dancing I was really impressed by his singing voice, hope to see him in more shows in the future, Thankyou all i had a great night laughed from beginning till the end. See you all next year 2/1/21
Anne wylie
Fantastic show, good clean fun for all the family and really funny. Whole cast were amazing and shout out to Stephanie who stepped in to be the Blue Fairy, she was fantastic. We’ll be back next year.
Fantastic show great music awesome jokes the cast was amazing fun for all the family what’s going to be next
What a fantastic night Scott Fletcher and Stephen Purdon took time to chat to us at their break time. My grandson got a photo with Scott what a lovely person, yes the cast really worked hard to make it fun for us all. Well done all and thank you.
Elizabeth Macdonald
Myself my 6year old and my 19 week old had an absolutely fabulous time tonight such a good laugh my daughter went with her school and had a ball so I decided to take her back and I also loved it. As for my baby being there I was unaware of the baby in arms policy so sorry to anyone that was annoyed by her being there she also watched the full show and for being so young you could see she enjoyed the show she was wide awake and making lots of noises she cried once but quickly stopped as I dealt with her straight way and it was more during the brake as there was nothing to watch.
Lornne Wood
I went to see pinocchio with my family on boxing night. It was superb! I havent laughed so much in a long time. All the cast were fantastic. I will be back with more family next year
Hilary Smith
Brought back some memories watching that show especially with wee bob in it, I was one of the dancers in the last Pinocchio performance. Would go back to it in a heartbeat. Well done everyone
Megan Houghton
An outstanding performance in every way. So much fun. Sumptuous costumes, amazing dancing, highly entertaining script, wonderful cast. Great music. Loved it!
Carolyn Chambers
A fantastic family panto. Had a great day. Sister, niece and nephew enjoyed as well. Nephew's favourite was the Blue Fairy saving the day with her wand.
Gemma Kerr
A fantastic funny.special effects excellent. Cast fabulous. Dancers amazing My friend and grandson also there. We all laughed so much.
Mary McGuire
Had an amazing night Champions board really enjoyed there selfs thanks
Angie Harvey
this was amazing great night definetly was a great panto and the best one i have seen well done
Angie Harvey
Joseph miller
Was at panto last night 10 of us my wee granddaughters first time it was fabulous only wee downside my wee grandson Xavier had to go home at interval as he wasn't feeling well,hopefully get booked again for him after Xmas,well done everyone great performance xx
Mary toal
Amazing show today
Shaun elliott
Fab show today holly jac Scot fletcher and wee Bob where my faves
Shaun elliott
Amazing show today
Amazing show today holly Scot and Stephen where my faves in show
Shaun elliott
Amazing show today holly Scot and Stephen where my faves
Shaun elliott
Fantastic performance from all. Exceptional panto just like years ago...great family fun. Well done to all
brilliant show. angus is s good singer xx
elizabeth twaddle
This is one of the best pantomime I have ever seen
Went to the kings last year but opted for pavilion and so glad I did. What an amazing energetic show from start to finish. not only were the kids in tears but my wife and brother in law were in stitches. graydo and wee bob are great together and you can really tell how much they have on stage. Liam dolan who i had never heard of before was great with the one liners i will definetley be back next year, couldn't fault it and would recommend it to any family thinkng of going its yersel lol
The Bryson
Was at pavilion tonight (thursday 12th Dec) to see Pinocchio and had a great time the show was amazing and jiminy and shelsuit bob do a fantastic show roll on nxt years panto thanks for a great show everyone x
Jacqueline Rennie
Thank you so much to all involved my twin girls 1st ever Panto and they had an amazing night xx my son has been to every pavilion panto since 2013 and still enjoys himself. You are all amazing and very well done the effort enthusiasm shines through you are all superstars xx
Just back from Pinocchio...Was amazing, My friend and our two boys loved it...Acting, Singing, Dancing, Audience Participation, Was all Spectacular, Great Cast, Great Music...10 out of 10 everyone
The whole show was fantastic everyone done really well. My wee girl really enjoyed it.
Was a fantastic show very comical and entertaining. Everyone behind the show done amazingly well. We'll done guys
Had a great afternoon with my partner today Terrific Panto Can't praise it enough Costumes dancers special effects stars and music all fabulous Great family entertainment
Janice Speirs
Fantastic show. The cast are fantastic. All full of fun the way a panto should be. Well done everyone involved. Special mention to the male & female dancer absolutely brilliant. we will be back to see it all again soon.
Karen mccoll
We had great night. Kids loved it was my youngest granddaughters first time at a panto. See you all next year. .let me know where i send my video plz.
Nichola docherty
Was at the pantomime with the north East homework club and I never stopped laughing all night, I was at Cinderella last year but think this was better, thank you for a really good night and hope you are all back next year with a new exciting pantomime.
Mark Ravenscroft
I attended tonights show with my partner and kids along with members of lodge kenmuir the show was amazing and all the cast were briliant and a big thankyou too the theatre staff for thyre help from myself and lodge kenmuir.
Paul gibson
I attended the show with my partner and kids and members from lodge kenmuir. The show was superb and all the cast were amazing kids enjoyed themselfs and so did all the adults. And the theatre staff were also helpful so a big thankyou from myself and lodge kenmuir
Paul gibson
Attended the show at 11am today the 10th Dec. I just want to say that our group of adults with profound learning disabilities throughly enjoyed the performance. The cast as usual put their heart and sole into this adaptation. Well done to you all. Also big thank you to the theatre staff they were extremely helpful.
Liz McFarlane
What a fantastic show my sides are still hurting with the amount of laughing I did. Well done everyone and thank you
Angela Reid
Fabulous show plenty of laughs kids loved it
Fantastic night Liam Dolan just makes it magical what a night well done everyone
Annemarie tees
We attended Pinocchio in a family group consisting of gran, mum and 2 kids. The show was a concoction of colour, music, magic tricks, acrobatics, dancing, comedy and special effects, without giving too much away. The star of the show Pinocchio is a loveable rogue who is full of the Glasgow banter, he and his Papa Geppetto make an amusing double act. Along with their friends the Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket and Lampwick they set out the defeat the baddies with some unexpected adventures along the way. Gran’s favourite bits were the dancers who gave full energy to every performance and were very talented. The kids favourite parts were the acrobatics and special effects. Mum’s favourite bits were the slapstick comedy and Glasgow banter. Well done to all the team for another fantastic show!
The GALLAGHER family
Went to see the show last night with my daughter and granddaughters, what a night absolutely fantastic best Panto I’ve been to in a few years. From start to finish excellent cast dancers special effects, money very well spent, might even go back in January x
Carole mcmillan
Loved this new panto Pinocchio, fresh to the Pavillion. Costumes sparkled, cast super sparkled, a family delight. Jiminy Cricket (Liam Dolan) set the ball rolling and cast the audience under his spell with whistles, jokes and jolly brolley singing and dancing. The hard working Papa and Pinocchio charmed everyone and all in all this panto has gone up a gear in costumes, speciality acts, laughter and good clean family fun. Must mention "Laura" a kindly member of staff who rescued an elderly lady by tying her boot laces for her so she could walk safely back to her seat. Laura you too are a star, Thank you.
Ann Millar
Can you please pass on my thanks to scott fletcher and stephen purdon for taking the time last night for a photo with my grandson and my daughters friends and work mates it was my grandsons 12th birthday yesterday and every year for the past 10 years they have went to the pantomime at this time. sadly this year baileys mum passed away 6 weeks ago and my daughters friends asked if I would take bailey in her place and thou it was hard for me it was worthwhile to see him laugh and dance along with everyone and to get a photo at the end of the night made it more special for us all so thank you was again.
Margaret Odell
Pinocchio was absolutely brilliant, the twelve days of Christmas was the highlight, my daughter laughed all the way through
Elizabeth Pollock
This the funniest panto I have seen for a long time. The cast were great "Ahm buzzin" the dancers were superb. Well wortj a travel through from Fife to see. Will bring the grandkids back definately. Well done you guys.
great night for all the family best panto i’ve seen in a long time great cast stephen and grado are great together and the songs dancing had the kids up on their feet
siobhan armstrong
Thank you for putting on a great show tonight. Pinocchio was great.
Jennifer Nicholson
What a night absolutely loved Pinocchio. We laughed so much as the cast where fantastic and so funny. The light up wristband’s and lanyards are a brilliant idea, my little one and her friend where fascinated by them and loved that they interacted with the show. Grado and Stephen Purdon steal the show with their performances, they are absolutely fab. My daughter just love’s Grado....(“It’s yerself!”) Well done Pavillion another outstanding panto!
Gloria Cockburn
Can't wait two see this panto on Dec the 15th
Shaun elliott
If Cinderella was anything to go by this should be a cracker. Getting the tickets book this week.
Graham McKillop
Can’t wait
James Mackie