An Exciting Leap Forward For Panto Merchandising!

As we are sure you will agree, pantomime merchandise has been the same for the past 8 - 10 years with the introduction of LED light up wands and other spinning items.

Over the past few years, these items have become more elaborate and it seems that the flashing is getting more intense and brighter every year. These have, over the years, became very annoying and distracting to a lot of our customers and as these items get more and more sophisticated, the costs increases year after year to the point where items are getting far too expensive for a family night out at the Panto, with items costing from £7 to £10 each and we are normally the cheapest Panto in Glasgow for this type of merchandise. So this year, we are looking at something Exciting and Different, something Interactive with the show by using innovative LED wristbands and lanyards that are controllable during the show and will light up magically when the characters ask for help. Jimmy Cricket, when he needs help to find his umbrella, The Blue Fairy when she needs her magical blue lights and also to help fight off the nasty Stromboli who hates the sight of red lights. You have seen them at concerts like Coldplay, Elton John and other major concerts and now this is a first for pantomime and we feel that by using these interactively it gets all the family Involved and it also significantly reduces the cost of Panto merchandise for everyone visiting the theatre. We anticipate that the maximum cost for these will be £5 per item with multi-buy deals available, for example three for £13 and four for £18.

We hope that you can get involved actively this year and be part of the Panto production by using these during the show and it will be great to see these magically light up throughout the theatre and are sure it will bring additional fun for customers of all ages, especially when booing the Baddie.

So be part of show and get your armbands at the merchandise stalls as you enter the theatre and join in the Magical Adventures of Pinocchio and are sure that you will have some great interactive fun For further information, images and videos, please keep an eye on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!